Company Overview

eromnet's partner program purpose is to maintain relationship with trust,
cooperate and mutual interests with partners.


Attracts oversea merchants through domestic PG and acquirer, provide more than 10 processing currencies



Oversea acquiring through offline PG
Attract customers with dynamic currencies



Support partners to expend their oversea business by using eromnet's global acquiring platform

Global Payment Service

With our acquirers in different countries, we have established the optimized acquiring system for the global business,
oversea payment services(MCA inbound), oversea local payment services, and domestic local payment service are engaged as our main business.
MCA Service
MCA service enables merchants to accept card payments in a wide range of currencies, regardless of the geographical extent of the buisiness. Merchants enjoy the benefits of settlement in the same currency assigned to their bank accounts in their home countries or the location in which their business is transacted.
DCC service
DCC service is when customers from oversea makes payment with(VISA & MASTER & JCB), device will show your own country currency with converted amount.
Variety payment methods offered by eromnet
Cross-browsing website payment, Recurring payment, Mobile payment, V-POS payment.

Apply Service

Easy, simple apply steps and system integration
We offer fair and low rate for oversea processing
* Rates will be decide by volume and business model.
  • 1. Service apply and requirement documents
    - eromnet application
    - Business registration copy
    - Director's passport copy
    - Last 6 month transaction history
  • 2. Inspection and Contract agreement process
    - 1st eromnet inspection
    - 2nd acquirer inspection
    - Sign contract agreement
  • 3. System integration and process test transaction
    - API integration
    - Process the test transactions
    - Live

PCI Service

PCI DSS is a propriety information security standard for organizations
that handle branded credit cards from the major card schemes including VISA, MASTER, JCB.
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* PCI Standard is mandated by the card brands and administered by the payment card industry security standards council.
We support global standard PCI DSS SAQ, QSA to be certified.

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