Types of Industries (Prohibited/High Risk)
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Date 2019-11-22 14:35:10

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Industries, with a high possibility of customer complaints or products that are considered to be at high risk, may be rejected by the acquirer during the inspection. In some cases, certain businesses may be able to be negotiated.


< Example of risk industries >

- Advertising Agency Stock Information Business, Similar Investment Business, Auction, Multi-Level, Pure Gold, Overseas Server Company, Chatting, Ponting, Fortune-telling, Horse Racing, Race Tickets, Cyber ​​Money, Loan Information, Loan Related, Used Products, Game Items, Sale of Pensions (Condos), golf membership, agricultural products, half-price discount, various rental costs, donations, lottery, nightlife, meeting arrangements, securities sales, adult goods, adult content, gift certificates, phone cards, prepaid cards, and etc. industries may be considered at high risk, depending on the acquirers.


In addition, industries that sell services and goods that are illegal materials cannot be processed. See the example below.


- Alcohol, Any illegal activities or products, Bestiality, Bidding fee auctions, Cigarettes, Tobacco, E-Cigarettes, Child abuse, Chain letters and cash gifting, Collection agencies, Computer software (e.g. anti-virus) sold via inaccurate advertisements, Counterfeit merchandise, Firearms, ammunition and gun parts, Forex, money trading, Hate propaganda, Human trafficking, Medical health insurance packages provided by non- insurance companies, Merchants engaged in activity prohibited by the Card Brands, Non-consensual sexual behavior of any kind, whether real or simulated, Non-Licensed Pharmacy, Products or services that violate intellectual property rights, Payday loans – Non-licensed by an EU authority, Spy software products or services, Trafficking in persons, Unauthorized ticket sellers, Violence, Virtual Currency that can be monetized, converted, traded into physical/digital goods and services outside the virtual world, Non-governmental Visa application/ Visa Services, Essay Writing Services


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